Quickly Access Flight Information For Departures Or Arrivals. Looking For A Quick Bite To Eat Or Have Some Time To Spare; Passengers Can Now Browse And Locate All Airport Restaurants And Stores, With The Ability To Reserve, Order, & Pay For Their Meal Or Items In Advance.




Food Court


Shoppers can now browse and locate their favorite stores at the touch of a screen. In a rush? Reserve, Order, and Pay for your favorite store products and/or dining experience all in advance.






Guests now can enjoy the Concierge/Directories to Reserve, Order & Pay in advance for all their reservations, i.e. fine dining, theater tickets, touring excursions, and even hotel spa reservations.




Using The Tablet Edge, Patrons Can Now Order And Pay For Their Meal Right From Their Table Or Mobile Device.  Similarly, Patrons Can Access Their Favorite Restaurant From Our Sister Website; Mainly, Www.Ordermytablenow.Com, To Reserve, Order, And Pay For Their Dining Experience In Advance.





The Smart Stand allows students, employees, alumni, and visitors to have quick and easy access to any information that they might need, i.e., student account information, class information and/or a campus map, for example. Quick and easy access is also available to locate stores and restaurants on campus with the ability to Reserve, Order, and Pay (R.O.P.) for products or meals in advance.





Hospital visitors, patients, employees can now have quick and easy access to make an appointment with their doctor, locate a loved one, or access their personal records. Likewise, all hospital visitors, patients and employees can now Reserve, Order, & Pay (R.O.P.) for products or meals at stores and restaurants located within the hospital.


Cruise Lines



Passengers can now Reserve, Order, and Pay in advance for excursions, restaurants, theater, and spa services, etc.. Likewise, passengers can now browse and locate stores or other venues on the ship as well as access daily cruise ship events.


Theme Parks



Similar to all of the above venues; Theme Park visitors can Now access and locate stores, restaurants and attractions with the ability to Reserve, Order, and Pay in advance for attraction tickets (including fast passes) at any theme park.